Employer UI Information

Employer UI Contributions

Misclassification of Workers

Comparative Approach, Classification of Workers

Foreign Labor Certification

  • For a complete overview of the foreign certification process, click here.
  • Foreign Labor Certification Data Center, click here.

Labor Market Information

Lessor Employing Unit/Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Wage and Tax Information

Localization of Work Provisions

Magnetic Media for UI Wage Reporting – Diskette

Quarterly Diskette Reporting System (QDRS)

Online UI Tax Filing and Payments

Seasonal Employer Designation

UI Reporting Requirements for an Employer Who:

  • Starts a new business
  • Buys or sells all or part of a business
  • Terminates a business for any reason
  • Changes the trade name or address

Note: See Regulation 13: Employing Units Reports

Or you may call the Division of Workforce Services Employer Account Services at 501-682-3798

REMEMBER: Timely registration and reporting will permit FULL F.U.T.A CREDITS!

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