Employer Services for Unemployment Insurance

Employer Services for Unemployment Insurance

Employers may now report individuals who refuse offers of work, as well as those who fail to submit to or pass a pre-employment drug screen directly through the Online Unemployment Insurance Employer Services portal, which allows access to the following services:

  • Apply for a new ADWS Employer Account Number
  • Sign up to request a LOGON ID for Online Services
  • File and pay your Employer’s Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report
  • Request that Unemployment Insurance Benefit Claims documents be sent to a different address than the tax documents
  • Request to receive and respond to ADWS employer UI Benefit Claim forms online
  • Respond to UI 901A Overpayment Wage Response System
  • Register for and Respond to UI Benefit Notice Response System & Shared Work Program
  • Report Unemployment Insurance Fraud
  • Report a Refusal of an Offer of Work
  • Report a Failure to Submit to or Pass a Pre-Employment Drug Screen
  • Report a Failure to Appear for a Scheduled Job Interview

A short overview and tutorial concerning the two new employer forms available through ADWS’ Online Unemployment Insurance Employer Services portal may be viewed at New Online Employer Tools.

Should you have any questions or comments concerning any of the Online Unemployment Insurance Employer Services features, please contact the ADWS UI department here.

Individuals receiving UI benefits may be disqualified if they fail to accept offers of suitable work or if they fail to submit to or pass a pre-employment DOT qualified drug screen. However, in order to investigate the possible disqualification, ADWS must be notified. In many instances, a job applicant that is also claiming UI benefits will not report the refusal or the failure and thereby escape disqualification. The failure to report the refusal or failure is a form of UI fraud.

An employer usually does not know if a job applicant is collecting UI benefits and in turn does not notify ADWS of the refusal or the failure. In order to help prevent this fraud, employers are encouraged to report all cases of these situations, regardless of whether the employer knows the individual is drawing benefits. Just provide us the information – we will do the rest!

The UI Employer Handbook includes a brief explanation of the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services Law, Regulations and Procedures as they relate to the administration of Arkansas’ Unemployment Insurance program. This handbook is intended to provide clear, concise information to help employers protect their rights, fulfill their responsibilities and make the best possible use of services offered by ADWS.

Employer UI Tax Appeal Rights

As an employer, whenever a determination is made that affects your tax liability, a written notice is sent to you. Each determination provides separate appeal rights; in all cases an appeal must be made in writing and within the time specified in the notice. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO SUBMIT ANY APPEAL WITHIN THE TIME FRAME INDICATED. Read more.


  • Arkansas JobLink
    Create an account to post job openings, search résumés, receive notifications of qualified job hunters and more.
  • UI Shared Work Program
    Allows an employer to divide work or hours of work among a group of employees in lieu of a layoff.
  • UI Employer Forms
    Employers can download all the necessary forms for unemployment claims.
  • FIRE
    UI Fraud Investigations, Recoveries and Enforcement
  • Contact UI
    Information for both Unemployment Claim Assistance and Employer Account Assistance.

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