Southwest Arkansas Local Workforce Development Board Information



Members & Affiliation

Current Local Workforce Development Board (WDB) membership [and affiliation];

Board by-laws

Local WDB by-laws, consistent with 20 CFR 679.310(g)

Board minutes

Minutes of formal meetings of the Local WDB



Local Plan

Local Plans and modifications, approved;

Draft Local Plans and Modifications to be submitted






One-Stop Operator with Documentation, additional detail from TEGL 15-16 (p. 9-10)

Procurement Solicitation

A listing of the entities that have submitted bids or proposals

An abstract of those bids or proposals (See Local Workforce Development Board)

One-Stop Operator

One-Stop Operator Contract

Award of grants or contracts to Eligible Training Providers (See Local Workforce Development Board)

The Local WDB’s written conflict of interest policy (See Local Workforce Development Board)

The Local WDB’s written procurement policies (See Local Workforce Development Board)









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