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Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2015

Annual Report 2016 (There was not a annual report done for this year)

Annual Report 2017

2018 WIOA Annual Report

2019 WIOA Annual Report


Arkansas Workforce Center Certification Criteria

Credential Policy (Rescinded, Refer to TEGL 15-10 & TEGL 17-05)

Eligible Training Provider Certification Procedures

Guideline for Establishing Priorities for Adult Activities

Local Plan Modification

Minority Definitions

Open Public Meetings Policy

Performance Accountability

Procedures for Awarding Grants for Youth Activities

Procurement and Contract Policy


WIA Funding Distribution Policy

WIA Incentives


DWS Issuances & Informational Memorandums


PY16-01 Arkansas Regional and Local Planning Guidance

PY16-02 Local Workforce Development Board Annual Report

PY16-03 Projected Employment Opportunities List, 2016-2017

PY16-04 WIOA Funds Transfers

PY16-05 American Job Center Branding Requirements under WIOA

PY16-06 JD-NEG Assessment Policy

PY16-07 JD-NEG Eligibility Determination

PY16-08 JD-NEG Supportive Services Policy

PY16-09 Open Public Meetings Policy

PY16-10 Guidance for Implementation of Sector Strategies under WIOA

PY16-11 Arkansas Sector Partnership Grant (ASP) Assessment Policy

PY16-12 Arkansas Sector Partnership Grant (ASP) Referral Policy (AR-26)

PY16-13 Arkansas Sector Partnership Grant (ASP) Supportive Services Policy (AR-26)

PY16-14 Arkansas Sector Partnership Grant (ASP) Eligibility Policy (AR-26)

PY16-15 Additional PY 2016 WIOA Title I – Dislocated Worker Activities Program Allocations

PY16-16 Arkansas Sector Partnership (LWDB) Sector Strategies Implementation Funding

PY16-17 Arkansas ASP Grant Partner Roles and Responsibilities Policy (AR-26) 2.1

PY16-18 Federal Re-allotment of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I Formula-Allotted Funds for Dislocated Worker Activities

PY16-18 attachment, Arkansas’ PY 2016 Federal Dislocated Worker Program Re-allotment Distribution

PY16-19 2017 HHS Poverty Guidelines and DOL 70% LLSIL

PY16-20 Issuance of PY 2017 WIOA Title I – Youth Adult and Dislocated Worker Activities Program Allocations



PY18-01 Apprenticeship State Expansion Grant Request for Proposal Issuance for 2nd Round of Arkansas Expands Apprenticeship (AREA) Continuation Funding

PY18-02 Reporting of Rapid Response Participation Services

PY18-03 Risk Assessment Sunshine Provision and Local Board Maintenance Files

Local Workforce Development Area (LWDA) Permanent File and Annual Reporting Form (003)

PY18-05 Updated Policy Manual

PY18-06 Announcement Award of PY-16 Youth Recapture Funding

PY18-07 Arkansas Work-Based Learning Programs

PY18-08 Additional PY 2018 FY 2019 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I – Adult and Dislocated Worker (DLW) Activities Program Allocations

PY18-09 Revised Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) Referral Form

PY18-10 Arkansas Job Link Registration (AJL) Reminder

PY 18-11 Effectiveness Serving Employers Issuance

PY 18-12 CRC Policy Issuance

PY 18-13 WIOA Title I – Youth Adult and Dislocated Worker Allocations

PY 18-14 Risk Assessment Sunshine Provision and Local Board Maintenance Files

PY 18-15 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Regional and Local Plan Updates

PY 18-16 Additional WIOA Title I PY 2018 Youth and FY 2019 Adult and Dislocated Worker Activities Program Allocations

PY 18-17 LLSIL and Poverty Guideline Issuance

PY 18-18 2019 Summer Employment Opportunities Program Guidance

PY 18-19 Disaster Recovery Long Term Unemployed Definition Issuance



PY 19-01 Additional WIOA Title I PY 2019 Youth and FY 2020 Adult and Dislocated Worker Activities Program Allocations

PY 19-02 ADWS WIOA HCY Allocation

PY 19-03 ADWS WIOA DWG Disaster Grants UI Determination (Updated PY 09-04)

PY 19-04 Clarification of Youth Incentives for Progress toward a GED

PY 19-05 Serving Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers

PY 19-06 ADWS Travel Reimbursement Policies for Federal Grant Subrecipients

PY 19-07 Recinded Transactional Services

PY 19-08 Types of Measurable Skill Gains - - RESCINDED

PY 19-09 Use of WIOA Title I-B Funding for OST

PY 19-10 Issuance - Policy 2.4 Change 1 (Eligibility for Dislocated Worker Program)

PY 19-11 ADWS Procedure for Applying for a Department of Labor National Dislocated Worker Grant (DWG)

PY 19-12 Clarification of the Academic and Occupational Education Component of Youth Work Experience

PY 19-13 Applications for Regional Planning and Industry Sector Partnerships WIOA Funding Assistance

PY 19-14 Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL)

PY 19-15 WIOA Title I - Youth Adult and Dislocated Worker Activities Program Allocations

PY 19-16 2020 Summer Employment Opportunities Work Experience Guidance



Vision Arkansas

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Vision Arkansas Workforce Development Delivery System

WIOA Systems Evaluation Report

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